Last week we were fortunate enough to take part in Arinex’s COVID-19 Uncovered – for the events industry webinar. The session took place on the WebcastCloud platform and saw more than 100 people tune in to hear from and ask questions of a panel of experts.

The session showcased the versatility of Arinex’s webinar product – Webcast Cloud – which has a two-screen functionality allowing for speakers’ live streams to appear alongside their bios. It also gave participants the option to submit questions, and to answer a live poll about the future of their events.

Perhaps the most interesting point discussed by the panel was the projected legacy the pandemic will have on events in a post-COVID-19 world.

Professor John Mackenzie AO, a member of the WHO emergency committee who joined the webinar as a panellist, said he believes the number of meetings held in the future will decrease.

“With more experience with Zoom and similar platforms, I think we will reduce the number of conferences, reduce the number of meetings that are held internationally,” he said.

Professor Mackenzie also predicted that the now ‘astronomical’ costs of conferences will drop due to increased competition.

“People will have to lower their prices. It’ll be much more difficult to attract congresses if it can be done by other means.”

Chief operating officer for Arinex Nicole Walker also weighed in on the topic, saying that she believes hybrid events will become the new normal.

“It’ll all come down to the marketing, and making sure that you provide the online option at a much later date during the development of a conference, so that you’re providing an option for those who may not have the budget or be able to travel,” she said.

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