June 28, 2021 | By Bronwen Largier

The Thai Government has eased COVID-19 restrictions across the country and will open popular tourist destination Phuket to international visitors as a pilot from the start of July.

Each province of Thailand is currently assigned to one of four zones – from dark red where the strictest restrictions apply to orange where restrictions are most eased.

From June 21, dine-in venues across all zones have been permitted to open until 11pm, although greater capacity limits apply to premises in dark red zones which have air conditioning and only venues in a yellow zone may serve alcohol.

Gathering limits vary across the zones with no more than 50 permitted in a dark red zone and up to 200 allowed in a yellow zone.

Entertainment venues including pubs, karaoke bars and massage parlours remain closed across the country. Shopping centres have been allowed to reopen in all zones, with some additional restrictions for more highly controlled zones.

Phuket, which opens to fully vaccinated international visitors this week, is designated a yellow zone, with the loosest restrictions. Four provinces including Bangkok are in the dark red zone.