Planning an incentive trip to Singapore and looking for an educational element? These enriching business tours will do the trick.

Beer brewing

The tour brings visitors through the history and heritage of Singapore’s iconic beer, Tiger. Visitors get to find out how this local beer grew in stature to achieve international acclaim. APB was established in 1931, and started brewing Tiger beer in 1932. Since then, the brewery has grown to brewing six brands locally, ABC, Anchor, Barons Strong Brew, Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, Heineken and Tiger.

Visitors can get a peek at the Brew House, and learn what goes into a Tiger Beer brew, as well as the Packaging Gallery, where visitors can view the packaging process.
The tour concludes with a stop at the Tiger Tavern where visitors are invited to have a glass of the freshest Tiger Beer available anywhere.

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Environmental sustainability

Learn more about Singapore’s urban parks and greenery planning such as the design and development. The tour will include visits to Parks Connector Networks and the regional parks around the island. The urban parks are a demonstration of how people and design are integrated to achieve a harmonised co-existence of man and nature. With conservation playing an instrumental role in Singapore’s growth as a garden city, visit the Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve or the Central Nature Reserve to learn about the city’s conservation efforts.

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Urban solutions and water conservation

NEWater, which is used for wafer fabrication processes, non-potable applications in manufacturing, as well as air-con cooling towers in commercial buildings, has freed up a large amount of drinking water in Singapore. Visit the NEWater Visitor Centre and Factory tour, where guests can witness at first hand the operation of advanced membrane and ultraviolet technologies in the production of NEWater.

Alternatively, go on a guided tour of Singapore’s very first reservoir in the city. Marina Barrage, interweaving greenery with city chic, is a vast compound with an intriguing gallery for guests to discover how it effectively prevents flooding to the city’s low-lying areas.

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Go on a walking tour through Singapore’s MRT stations to observe how the art is incorporated into the architecture and design, highlighting Singapore’s heritage and culture. This tour covers various stations on the North East Line and the Circle line.

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Urban planning, architecture

Visit the Singapore City Gallery to understand how planners have designed it to balance development, heritage and nature. This is followed by a walk through Chinatown-Kreta Ayer to understand the rehabilitation of the precinct and how new housing continues to be introduced to encourage city centre living. The tour concludes with a visit to The Pinnacle@Duxton, which is an internationally-acclaimed public housing project with a skydeck at the 50th storey linking seven apartment blocks. This tour takes approximately four hours and can be conducted in Chinese.

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