Business outlook positive

A snapshot of convention and exhibition activity for 2013 has revealed it’s going to be a healthy year for some of our leading dedicated facilities.

micenet AUSTRALIA Magazine supplement December 2012

“Convention and exhibition centres are critical pieces of infrastructure that add business and community energy to a city. The myriad of events and activities they host stimulate economic prosperity, create jobs and support the social and business fabric of the nation. Every centre, every day puts out the welcome mat for locals and visitors and thus influences so much the reputation of their city and what kind of memory visitors will have. In Australia, our centres are located in some of the finest locations within the city adding to their appeal for both national and international events. But location alone will not sustain a convention and exhibition centre, functionality and design are what makes centres thrive and efficient. In many ways, our convention and exhibition centres are like a giant eco-system where everything has to work together to ensure events are operationally, experientially and economically successful. Australia’s centres may well be modest in scale compared to our competitors, but the quality of what they deliver is world-class. What I love most about Australian centres is that each of them captures the personality and spirit of their city in different ways – the art, the food, the vistas and the warmth of the people.”