January 13, 2021 | By Bronwen Largier

Down Under Submarines will take guests on a journey 30m underwater in an Australian first for visitor and business events experiences.

The vessel, the SUBCAT-30, is the only one of its kind currently operational worldwide. The sub is unique in its ability to operate on and below the water.

The first outing will take visitors 18m below the surface just off the coast of Mooloolaba.

“As well as the marine life you can spot out the window, travelling in the nearly 20m long submarine is an experience in itself,” said Down Under Submarine Director Andrey  Alexeenko said.

“It’s a one-of-a-kind submarine which has a special hull above the water so passengers can get that experience of both submersion and refloating.

“That’s the difference, and it really gives you that adrenalin rush when you see you’re starting to submerge.”

The experience is sustainably powered with zero carbon emissions when submerged.

The typical experience lasts for around 50 minutes, including a 30 minute submersion, and can take business events groups of up to 27 people.

Visit Sunshine Coast CEO Matt Stoeckel said the experience was an exciting addition for the region.

“As our region opens up to the rest of Australia – and indeed the world – it is more important than ever that we have fresh new product that helps set us apart as a destination, and Down Under Submarines is a really unique selling point for our region.

“We are known for our pristine coastline, and Down Under Submarines will make our marine environment even more accessible, allowing visitors to explore the region from a different perspective.”