October 27, 2021 | By Bronwen Largier

South Australia has set November 23 as the date it will reopen its domestic border to vaccinated travellers from all Australian states and territories.

Quarantine on arrival in South Australia will only be necessary for those travelling from local government areas with lower than 80 percent vaccination coverage where there is community transmission of COVID-19.

The state government is expecting 80 percent of South Australia’s population will be fully vaccinated around the time border restrictions ease.

From November 23, the quarantine period for international travellers arriving into SA will also be halved to seven days.

Mask will continue to be required in indoor settings at 80 percent vaccination coverage but are expected to go for all but “high risk” settings like hospitals and aged care once the state hits 90 percent vaccination coverage – anticipated to be reached before Christmas.

At 90 percent, South Australia will follow the lead of NSW and Victoria and abolish quarantine requirements for international travellers arriving in the state and lift restrictions on most activities, however “high risk activities” which includes drinking alcohol while standing, will be for those who are vaccinated only.

Tasmania also announced last week that it will be reopening its domestic border from December 15, when it expects 90 percent of its population aged 12 and over to be fully vaccinated.

Meanwhile the Western Australian Premier Mark Gowan has said that his state may close its borders to states which ease their border restrictions before Christmas, which may effectively mean that WA becomes isolated from the majority of other states, with six states and territories expecting to allow free travel for vaccinated Australians before the end of the year.