Fun-loving national audio visual company Scene Change will be livening up the MEA National Conference in Darwin with the launch of their own beer and cider brand, Scenechang.

Scenechang is a refreshing premium lager ideally suited to consumption with finger food in the tropics. It’s a limited-edition beer, made purely for MEA conference delegates. It is also releasing a matching premium cider. While creating a new beer is unusual behaviour for an AV company, the owners of Scene Change are doing it “just because we want to”.

“Our t-shirts have been a sought-after collector’s item at the last five MEA conferences, and we felt the need to go a bit further,” cofounder of Scene Change Australia, Ian Whitworth, says.

“Darwin is all about the Asian influence, and about beer. The time is right for Scenechang.”

Scenechang t-shirts will be available for free as usual at the Scene Change exhibition stand. The team takes particularly joy in feedback from many show visitors who sleep in Scene Change t-shirts from previous years.

“We really like that people trust our brand that much,” Whitworth says.

Scene Change’s Tasmanian office is hoping to take out their second national award in their category, having taken out the state AV award for the fifth consecutive year.

They will also be shooting an epic Scenechang ad during the conference using meeting industry talent who will be recruited at the conference.

“We take our shows very seriously indeed,” says Whitworth. “But it’s fair to say not a single person at the MEA conference wants to be pinned down by AV guys talking about projector brightness or radio microphones. We’re doing our bit to save people having to think about that stuff.”

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