Capri by Fraser general manager, Raymond Howe, has an abundance of energy in his work and the way he makes it a point to keep in touch with both guests and hotel staff members.


With a great location near the Singapore Expo, how do you plan to capture the business from meetings and events planners?
Being in the heart of the Changi Business Park, it opens us to a whole spectrum of opportunities. Set in the business enclave, there is a constant demand for meeting spaces and areas for events of various scales. The Singapore Expo further helps to attract exhibitors by playing up its expertise in the field. Instead of being competitors, we complement each other since we can better understand and cover all needs of exhibitors. In the process of doing so, we are able to provide accommodation and suitable meeting and event facilities, thereby supporting the f&b component in the hotel.

What makes Capri by Fraser a unique hotel in cosmopolitan Singapore?
Designed to meet the lifestyle needs of the e-generation, Capri by Fraser is a hotel residence that empowers its residents with a menu of intelligent services to choose the way they want to rest, relax and recharge. Urban inspired, high-tech and intuitive, Capri by Fraser’s “always on” e-efficiency includes iPad-activated check-ins, interactive e-concierge, interactive walls, a data box and high-speed Wi-Fi Internet access. Its spacious suites, complete with fully equipped kitchenettes, allow more freedom of space than that of the average hotel room. The option to cook any time of the day and play Kinect on Xbox 360 while doing the laundry provide a refreshing alternative to that of typical hotels.

You are known to go for fun outdoor activities with your guests such as cycling around Singapore. Why is this so important to you? Share with us some of your guests’ feedbacks.
The saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” One should stay active not only mentally but also physically. In any case, I am training for my races as well so the workout comes in handy. Residents find this refreshing especially for those that fall into our demographic since they usually travel alone. Company is hard to come by, even harder to find companionship for workout. As such, they appreciate all these little touches that make their stay more memorable.

You engage your staff very well on a regular basis. How has this management style contributed to the success of your hotel?
My mantra is to be hands-on in operations. By putting myself at the ground, I understand fully the challenges faced by my staff and thus I’m able to empathise with them. Each of them is an asset to the hotel so it is important to take good care of them as their progress will spur the hotel’s performance. Being in the resort field for many years, I wish to bring this resort mood to all my staff.

One can tell by talking to you that you have such high passion for life. How do you apply this attitude to the way you work?
I enjoy meeting people and spreading joy to others. In the midst of it, I pass on my free-spirit nature to them. In this way, it creates positivity, thus, driving the everything-can-do attitude in them.

What has been the greatest compliment you’ve received since opening Capri
by Fraser?
It definitely has to be the recognition from and for the team. From building the team to grooming the team, each and every one has worked hard to achieve the same goal.