By Brad Foster

One of the world’s largest global destination and event management companies, Pacific World, announced yesterday it is stopping all of its operations in the meetings and events sector.

The press announcement did not say what would happen to the more than 200 staff who were working for Pacific World in 34 countries.

With coronavirus “continuing to cause unprecedented disruptions in the travel and tourism industry… TUI Destination Experiences, parent division of Pacific World, is moving to a digitalisation strategy and decided to stop participating in the meetings & events market from November 2020.”

Pacific World has been recognised as one of the leading destination and event management companies in the world with strong family values at its core, delivering more than 40,000 event experiences over the past 10 years.

It grew from a small company founded by Bob Guy and Jacques Arnoux in the 1980s. Selina Sinclair is the current global managing director, based in Singapore.

The media statement said: “We believe the industry will recover in the future, and our passion and legacy of innovation will create future solutions for our customers.”

It failed to elaborate on how it would achieve this.

Some long-time industry members believe this news could be just the first of similar announcements over coming months as COVID-19 continues to impact the business event and travel sectors.