What are the top 3 things you will do after lockdown?

Visit my favourite nail salon and get my nails done!

Visit my 88-year-old old father who still tells me weekly how amazing it is that Coles brings food to your home.

HUG my granddaughter…and anyone else…I am a hugger and not hugging my loved ones has been hard.

What are your favourite things to do at home to keep you sane/happy?

Walk! Can be found walking around the park at North Sydney Oval most mornings before work enjoying fresh air and open space.

Binge watching Netflix… just completed four seasons of Outlander.

Bake, although I am not sure my clothes will thank me when I have to get out of yoga pants.

What new skills are you learning?

How to paint my own nails.

Project management – Smart Sheet…FINALLY have time to learn ALL its functions and capabilities.

New crochet techniques! I LOVE yarn and am enjoying the time to sit and learn new blanket patterns.