Concept bar and bistro

SINGAPORE – Singapore welcomed its latest concept bar and bistro of the renowned Belgian abbey beer, Grimbergen, at 1128 (pronounced eleven twenty-eight) and Nassim Hill. Exclusively owned by Carlsberg Group, the premium Belgian abbey beers come in three varieties on tap – Blanche, Blonde and Ambree.
1128 takes much of its design inspiration from Grimbergen’s rich history and its architecture in an ingenious blend of rustic and contemporary touches. Nassim Hill pays homage to the Grimbergen abbey with the space illuminated by a kaleidoscope of colours as sunlight streams through a trio of stained glass panels specially made by a local craftsman.
The tavern like Nassim Hill has a capacity of 110 both indoor and outdoor and is a bakery by dawn, bistro by day, and a bar by dusk. East meets west at 1128 and finger foods like deep fried chicken skin, pan fried chicken heart, and hot wok chicken make great pairs with the beers served. Since opening July this year, product launches for August Man, August Women, Lifestyleasia, and Operation Smile Appreciation dinner were hosted in the venues.