The last two months have seen substantial development announcements for New Zealand.


Around this time last year during MEETINGS NZ, in-between a hectic day of appointments, coffee, interviews, “sorry, I’m out of business cards”, virtual venue tours, coffee, “Come to our stand’s cocktails this afternoon”, coffee, meetings, lollies, coffee, coffee, coffee, the journos were ushered into a room with brains frazzled from information overload.

A brief introduction from Conventions & Incentives New Zealand explained the organisation’s aim to build on the 100% Pure campaign, exceed people’s expectations and amaze event planners at every turn. And then, suddenly on the screen, sweeping shots of majestic, fog-fringed mountains, pure white ski slopes, and unbelievable dinner events set up in deserted landscapes of rippling grass put any thoughts of anxiety at bay.
At the time of writing, MEETINGS NZ is quickly approaching again, and may be in full swing as you read this. The convention centre to be built by SKYCITY – which was being hotly debated on talkback radio last June – is now officially going ahead, while Christchurch has seen its first venue reopenings since the devastating earthquakes of 2011 and a convention centre of its own on the way. m