By Joyce DiMascio

Now here’s a fun new experience for delegates. And it’s all about food.

What’s not to love about this new event experience launched by hospitality industry stalwart, Annie Fitzpatrick? Way back, Annie kicked off the Sydney Seafood School and more recently, Ozharvest’s Cooking for a Cause Program and has been working in food, wine and hospitality for more than 25 years.

 She has now turned her attention to delivering food trivia events either virtually or face-to-face.

She says Tasty Trivia is a: “Deliciously, interactive food and wine quiz based around food and wine with questions crossing over into other subject areas – history, geography, science and pop culture.”

On arrival guests are asked to identify the “mystery utensil” a lesser known, ethnic based or vintage kitchen implement. The quiz questions then follow – Which food am I?, Where In the world would I be if I was eating…..?, Five Ingredients and spell them.

All sessions of Tasty Trivia are lighthearted and deliver a lot of interaction and laughs. After the scores are added up, the winning team is awarded the ‘Golden Fork’ and the team that comes last is given the ‘Wooden Spoon’.  A quick photo session is then arranged complete with chefs hats and props.

Tasty Trivia can be delivered for groups of 20 to 200. Annie says it follows the structure of regular trivia evenings and is usually designed to run across one-and-a-half hours with a break in the middle. There are options to include tastings of ingredients and drinks – cocktails and wine styles. The content can be customised to suit the corporate or incentive group.

For more information contact Annie Fitzpatrick at or 0412 219 065.