March 9, 2022 | By Bronwen Largier

Perth’s youngest stadium is upping the ante on sky high experiences for groups in Australia, with a new tour added to their suite of rooftop attractions.

The new Vertigo experience involves a handrail-free walk beyond the edge of Optus Stadium’s roof along industrial style walkways, looking straight down to the ground up to 42m below.

Participants are harnessed from above and can lean off the edge of the edge of the tour pathway.

The stadium is also debuting a new fully accessible rooftop viewing platform, which had been under construction since mid-2021.

The structure weighs 70 tonnes and was built offsite in 15 sections before being craned into place in September in the midst of the series of AFL finals matches being held at the stadium.

“Having experienced VERTIGO firsthand, I can highly recommend this exhilarating experience,” said Western Australia’s tourism minister Roger Cook.

“With Western Australia’s borders now open, we can expect more visitors to Optus Stadium, and I know this unique experience will be enjoyed by many.

“As the first fully accessible stadium rooftop experience in Australia, this really is an attraction that everyone can enjoy.”

The Vertigo experience opens on March 31.