Japanese cuisine with an ocean view

Benkay Japanese Restaurant at Nikko Bali offers classic Japanese cuisine and a breathtaking view of the Indian Ocean.
With a distinctly contemporary and sleek interior, the restaurant has a teppanyaki counter that takes centrestage surrounded by 24 seats. There is also a sushi bar, nabemono (shabu-shabu and sukiyaki) and yakiniku tables.
With sophisticated design featuring the blend of different materials from wood and natural stones, Benkay presents a balanced feel that is the essence of Asian living. The restaurant can comfortably seat 121 diners and still provide a spacious atmosphere.
Separate comfortable seating areas are available to the left and right of the teppan-yaki parted by a high glass wall with a private room just at the east end of the restaurant. At the north side, a hallway with a unique Onyx display leads to more private dining rooms and a sushi bar. The glass enclosed private rooms can be divided
into three separate rooms for a more intimate setting or one spacious room for larger party.
Benkay serves a selection of lunch sets and noodles. For dinner, you can find a
more sophisticated menu featuring a selection of appetizers, grilled dishes, fried dishes, teppan-yaki sets or a kaiseki – a traditional Japanese multi-course dinner.
Pair each meal with an extensive range of sake and shochu or the newly introduced 99 Ways of Martini menu where a guest’s choice of martini is paired with a complimentary martini chosen by the bar staff; providing a pleasant surprise to those who love a martini or two.

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Rijstaffel goodness

Ask The Stones Hotel’s chef Christopher Troy Smith what makes The Long Rice Table a great place to meet and eat and he’ll tell you, “At The Long Rice Table, you’ll enjoy authentic Indonesian flavours in a modern 5-star environment. The rijstaffel (Dutch for rice table) concept offers more interactive dining experience between guests and chefs at live stations with each dish sampled by all diners and enhanced by the option to create your own sambal at the table to suit your own personal palate.”
Open for dinner daily, there are two different rijstaffel sets in the menu, an extensive a la carte list, and a variety of small portion appetisers through which you can create your own rijstaffel experience. Signature items include Martabak Telur, Ayam Rojak Bebek Betutu Platter and Sate Campur (served on sizzling charcoal). The long rice table has 36 seats comprised of three communal tables of 10 and three more intimate tables for two.

T: +62 361 300 5888  W:

Sumptuous choices

Whether you are booked at The Mulia in Nusa Dua, Bali or not, you may want to drop by and try The Café – a truly versatile dining experience complete with different cooking stations at this newly opened resort and villa.
Every effort is made to make each cooking station as close to its original cuisine as possible – Balinese, Indian, Thai, Japanese, Cantonese, Italian and more. There is something for everybody but the best part is its more than reasonable pricing. The interior is enticing; the food, even more.

T: +62 361 3017777  W: