From the CEO

From the Board and staff of MEA please accept our best wishes for a very happy and safe Christmas and New Year.


From the Board and Staff of MEA please accept our best wishes for a very happy and safe Christmas and New Year.
This year at MEA it has been a very busy one as we continue to enjoy serving our members and the hardworking and vibrant industry that we are fortunate to represent. Many of the strategies that we have been working on have come into fruition this year and we are working hard to assist them grow momentum for the greater good of our membership.
Whilst so many larger organisations may well take the implementation of a new database for granted, at MEA it has been a long awaited initiative and we have greeted it with much excitement. With the ability to do so much more than our past database on a daily basis we are learning about the new features and what we can do to make working with MEA easier for our members. This year is a first in regard to the fact that we own our “online” awards program. This means when you, our members, enter the program online you may see a few nuances that you have not seen in the past. This is because we now own our software and are working to make it as “user friendly” as possible.
Our association is passionate about the skill sets of people working within the industry and those wishing to work within the industry. We are also passionate about our industry being recognised as a profession in its own right and that the end user knows our staff are well trained and highly professional and dedicated people. It is for this reason that we continue our journey through our professional development and education programs to deliver quality product at an affordable price, so that you, our members, can use it.
In my opinion we have seen some great success, however I truly believe we must continue to work with you, our industry, to assist you to see the value in professional development and education. We work hard at having the ability to identify and collaborate with you on education needs, and as a result this year we have had some 100 participants from within the industry studying towards their Advanced Diploma in Venues and Events. Thank you to each of the employers and employees involved and well done for taking that next step.
As I write this I am heading to Perth for this year’s annual general meeting. At this meeting we will see a “changing of the guard” at MEA, with Rhona Walker our hardworking board chair stepping down as a board member and board chair held over a number of terms. Rhona is a true supporter of MEA and whilst I have little doubt we will still see her at our MEA functions, acting as Wise Counsel to the Annual National Conference in Darwin and much more, her leadership at the helm of the association will be missed.

Thank you Rhona!

Merry Christmas to all!