June 29, 2021 | Produced in partnership with Business Events Tasmania

Imagine an unrushed city conference and a warm local welcome.
Imagine authentic experiences alongside crafters, farmers and creators.
Imagine professional and capable delivery without pretence.
Imagine walking and sightseeing outside coach transport.

We invite you to discover a city made not by what meets the eye, but by the stuff that doesn’t.

It’s time to sink beneath the surface and see Launceston in a new light.

Not surprisingly, Launceston is becoming an increasingly popular business event destination.

Available venues can host events for up to 500 delegates. Launceston is easy to navigate, and accommodation, conference facilities and offsite venues are all within close proximity.

Accommodation ranges from colonial cottages, superb mansions and modern sophisticated city hotels, to a grand country club resort. Historic estates, superb wineries, museums, river cruises and sporting venues are ideal for offsite dinners and events.

Launceston has retained its identity as friendly and accessible, while still offering all the amenities of a city. Visitors are captivated by Launceston’s natural attractions, especially the spectacular Cataract Gorge, within a walkable distance of the CBD, its charming parks and gardens and its historic architecture.

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Funding opportunities exist through Tasmania’s Business Events Attraction Fund.

Watch: Launceston – Reimagine Your City Event

Junction Arts Festival | Credit: Jacob Collings