July 15, 2022 | By Bronwen Largier

RX – formerly Reed Exhibitions – has released the results of its first RX Customer Mindset Tracker research project, which quantify the value of face-to-face interactions for both exhibitors and show attendees.

A follow-on from the RX COVID Customer Needs and Mindset Barometer, which led to two white papers in the first two years of the pandemic, the first iteration of the mindset tracker found that 78 per cent of respondents believe that trade shows offer them opportunities that can’t be found elsewhere. This is up 10 per cent on attitudes in 2021.

RX also polled exhibition stakeholders on their top challenges and found similarities between buyers and sellers, with both indicating maintaining contact with existing clients, reduced sales, government restrictions, recruitment issues and budget restrictions or cuts due to uncertainty were concerns. Visitors also cited keeping up with product and market trends as an issue, while exhibitors flagged meeting with potential customers. RX point out that exhibitions address all these challenges.

For both sellers and buyers, meeting new clients in existing markets was the top opportunity for growth in 2022 – with 64 per cent of exhibitors and 61 per cent of visitors identifying it as a way to grow their businesses.

The research also confirmed what’s being seen in Australia and by RX in the shows they’re delivering – that companies are once again comfortable to attend trade shows and events, although RX said international travel was still an issue.

“The research confirms that there is a strong desire among exhibitors and visitors to grow their businesses and expand to new products and markets,” said Chief Digital Product Officer for RX, Gaby Appleton.

“RX is well-positioned to help them do this, not only through our global portfolio of face-to-face events, but also through our digital lead generation, networking, meeting and brand promotion tools.”