The co-owner and founder of the event company that will facilitate the broadcast of the Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia’s (EEAA) International Women’s Day (IWD) event on Monday has applauded the role of women in events, tech and medicine in facilitating connection and fighting the pandemic over the last year.

EEAA board member and founder of Connected Event Group Libbie Ray says technology democratises opportunity.

“We have seen first-hand the role that women have played in the events industry over the past 12 months creating the opportunities for people to come together,” Ms Ray said.

“During Covid, ‘connection’ through tech played a key role in keeping businesses open, keeping people in touch and in supporting the mental health of many in our industry and the wider community.

“Technology is also the enabler in helping medical science find a vaccine more quickly – more knowledge sharing enabled by technology has led to speedier collaboration on a global scale. Many women played a pivotal role in helping the world.

“They have been outstanding leaders – and in Australia we have seen the important role of leading women immunologists, researchers, doctors and government agency and political leaders – technology enabled us to see them on the front-line leading us bravely through the storm.

“Thousands of meetings have been held online at every level of society – in medical science, in health, in government, in industry and in the community – they have not been labelled business events – but without them the world would not have forged a pathway through the pandemic.

“Many women have been at the forefront of all of this – and IWD is a time to recognise this reality.

“In Australia, every day since the pandemic started, we have seen amazing women fronting the Australian people and leading our nation on its Covid journey – their expertise in helping Australia through the crisis should be acknowledged and honoured on International Women’s Day,” Ms Ray said.

Connected Event Group has partnered with the  EEAA to take its IWD event to a bigger audience by delivering it virtually for the first time from their studio in Chippendale. The theme is “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a Covid world”.