A research project conducted by the Society of Incentive Travel Executives (SITE) and Meeting Planners International (MPI) has found more than 37 per cent of respondents had seen their personal involvement in the other sector increased.

The study – The Convergence of Incentive Travel and Meeting Planning Activity – determined the reason for the convergence of the two disciplines related to the economic environment.

The study was conducted by the Site International Foundation and the MPI Foundation. Among the questions answered by 199 people in the U.S. and Europe, 58 per cent identified themselves as meeting planners, 15 per cent as incentive planners, and 27 per cent declined to identify themselves as either.

Respondents were asked to predict if there would be a change in the practice of including business meetings and other similar components in incentive programs. Almost 61 per cent believed there would be an increase.
Sixty-seven per cent of respondents expect more convergence of the incentive and meeting functions in the next year, with 33 per cent expecting no change.

When asked why they believed this to be occurring, 46.8 per cent said it related to public perception, 51.5 per cent said it related to budget considerations, and 9.7 per cent said it related to consolidation of departments.

Following the results the Site International Foundation and the MPI Foundation are planning to undertake further studies. Copies of this study can be found by visiting www.mpifoundation.org