Perception is everything on the trade show floor, says Mark Magennis.

A trade stand has the ability to transcend beyond function and create a connection with the consumer community.

Consumers want to be immersed in your brand and connect with your products and services on a more profound level.

A well thought out and customised design excites, engages and invites, allowing for greater reach and connection than a standard ‘cookie cut’ stand build.

An immersive stand design allows the end consumer to experience and interact with your company’s brand and its offerings.

For many companies a large portion of their marketing budget is allocated to activities such as events, entertaining and exhibiting at tradeshows and conferences. When you choose your booth contractor remember their role is to work with you to provide the platform to allow you to make true meaningful connections through the design of your stand.

A great exhibition stand should do more than simply showcase your goods and services. It should be an experience – activating your brand to life!

Here are some tips:

PLAN AN ENGAGEMENT STRATEGY. To fully leverage the impact of your trade show presence you need to know your company’s core values and the reasons for exhibiting. What would you like to accomplish at the trade show? Do you have a list of objectives in place? Have you set goals and targets?

Sharing your engagement strategy and vision on how you plan to engage customers with your contractor will help them make your brand come to life. It’s no secret that business is won (and lost) on the trade show floor so it’s crucial that this is executed well.

IT TAKES TIME TO PLAN THE DESIGN OF YOUR TRADE SHOW DISPLAY… Consumers long to ‘experience’ and activate their senses, become immersed in the brand and interact with the brand first hand. It’s the responsibility of your contractor to work with you to communicate your brand in 360 degrees.

To fully leverage the impact of your trade show display a good lead time is twelve weeks.

Remember, short lead times incur higher costs, hinder the development process and don’t allow for a well-rounded campaign to be planned and updated, so plan ahead.

YOUR ROI IS IMPORTANT. You’ve spent all this money on creating an impactful experience and buying expensive trade show real estate. What next? Let your booth contractor know whether you will be using your stand again. Can it be customised to suit your needs at other events? Do you require options for storage? We live in a throw-away society. Your contractor should be able assist in delivering an ecological stand that can be re-used, repurposed, recycled and is socially responsible to minimise your company’s CSR footprint.

At DE&E we say there is only 30 seconds to fully engage with your audience. So make it  count on the trade show floor. Remember perception is EVERYTHING.

Creativity is king… we look forward to creating with you.