BUDGET: Top Secret

NAME: Toyota National Dealer Meeting
TYPE: Conference
BY: George P Johnson (GPJ) Australia
WHEN: March 2012
PAX: 420
VENUE: Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre

THE EVENT: Toyota unveiled the new Camry Hybrid and the latest range of Prius-branded vehicles (Prius c and Prius v) to the Toyota Dealer Group at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre (GCCEC).  Showcasing the latest engineering in a specially designed and genially executed show, the Toyota National Dealer Meeting was a bright example of a creative product launch applying well-executed considerations to align with the hybrid brand and engage its stakeholders on a greater level.  Tailored to dealer principles, owners and general managers Australia-wide, structured information sessions and a rich production format included new technologies and an offsite drive program.  Above all the objective of the event was to place the product in the competitive marketplace by showcasing every aspect to its sellers, packaged in a creative, hands-on and information-packed event.

HIGHLIGHTS AND SPECIAL TOUCHES: Key production elements re-defined the program and developed greater audience engagement through new technologies.  The business session featured more than 92 square metres of custom-built LED panels to showcase the vehicles – the central 8m x 4m screen was the highest resolution LED wall available in Australia at a 3mm pitch.  The screens moved both vertically, diagonally and horizontally at varying speeds and intervals using the Kinesys system of rigging – a fully programmable, digital method of motion control used in many concerts and theatre shows.
Combined with stage revolves showcasing up to three vehicles at any one time, the product launch mechanisms were multifaceted, engaging and extraordinary in their complexity.
The event was staged in two of the centre’s halls consuming more than 3500 sq m of floor space divided into three rooms which contained the business sessions, the auto salon and the cocktail party.  Following the business sessions delegates were led directly to the loading dock from the halls where 140 vehicles were ready to test drive in an offsite program.
The cocktail party featured a creative setup and interactive entertainment, where two Toyota cars suspended from the ceiling were incorporated into a laser show.  The gala dinner in the same space featured a surprise appearance by Jimmy Barnes and Vanessa Amorosi who arrived on the red carpet in the newly launched Toyota ’86 and performed “Good Times” on a centre stage revealed by a French action star cloth drape.  More than 200 bud lights illuminated the room to create a warm and intimate setting.  Food and beverage is always a memorable point for delegates and a specialty for the centre where a personalised approach to contemporary a la carte style cuisine is tailored to each client.  A few of the stand out items were a charcuterie plate for entree, petite desserts at the gala dinner, and an interactive pie and carving station for lunch: a buffet of pie shells and a selection of fillings served by the chefs so delegates could pick and choose.


SPECIAL TOUCHES: This was the first Toyota National Dealer Meeting to incorporate mobile technology for smart phones users.  330 delegates accessed a custom developed mobile app that was designed to enhance the meeting experience and educate attendees about the program.  Available to smart phone users were individual flight itineraries, session times, dealer rated feedback, venue directions and an album of event photos that went live almost immediately following each session.  Additionally, a list of things to do in the local Broadbeach precinct and the wider Gold Coast destination was ideal for delegates wanting to explore the region post-event.

CLIENT’S COMMENT: “The GCCEC was a pleasure to work with.  From attentive staff to impressive food and beverage, this venue is a testament to what we as an agency expect at the highest level from a convention centre of this magnitude,”
– Chloe Noel De Kerbrech, senior producer, George P. Johnson Australia