Case Study: Funktionality

Name: 2017 Goldwell Color Zoom Awards – Australia and New Zealand
Type: Awards Lunch
Client: Goldwell
By: Funktionality
No. on organising team: Two
Pax: 70
Budget: Top Secret!

What you did: Every year, Goldwell releases a new trend collection that is used as the inspiration for its annual hair colour and style competition, Color Zoom. This year’s collection, IN-FLUX, illustrates where “dark, elegant colours coalesce with mysterious iridescence, creating a new interplay of colours in the hair. Shape and colour work seamlessly to create hair fashion with no discernible beginning or end.”

2017’s national winners from Australia and New Zealand were celebrated at a lavish affair organised by Funktionality in the Wisteria Room at Centennial Homestead, one of Sydney’s best kept secrets, deep in the heart of Centennial Park. Goldwell had preconceived thoughts of what their theming would entail and their partnership with Funktionality simply ignited their ideas to life.

Usually an evening event, Goldwell wanted to switch it up and changed it to a lunchtime. Underpinning the venue’s grandeur was Funktionality’s stylistic set up – an exciting convergence of colour, shapes and texture with a heroic yet mystical edge. The atmospheric mood was reminiscent of deep twilight – the perfect fusion of the light giving way to the dark – a constantly changing interplay of shadows and radiance. Deep purple, blue and black hues permeated the space, creating a stark juxtaposition against the venue’s lightness of sundrenched rooms surrounded by rolling greens.

The Wisteria Room’s floor-to-ceiling windows were cleverly used as a backdrop for the spectacular Color Zoom competition photo display, with the finalists’ headshots beautifully illuminated by natural light passing through the glass.

The aesthetics of the luncheon was accompanied by entertainment by Tillee Music, who played on in the background providing a pleasantly uplifting ambience to the event. Guests were continuously entertained and the event’s success and memorable moments lay testimony to Funktionality’s stylistic flair and meticulous preparation.

Special touches: The event’s inspired design came courtesy of the Color Zoom Look Book, where keywords such as fluidity, texture and dark were heavily emphasised. Funktionality focused on incorporating these elements into a bespoke styling concept, using a unique injection of colour converging with shapes and textures to showcase the overarching IN-FLUX theme.

The luminous colours of the 2017 trends were brought to life with iridescent organza intricately woven through geometric centrepieces, creating fluidity with an added edge. Ombre string chandeliers hung overhead, the deep shadowing combined with strong silhouettes styled to inspire beauty in all things dark and mysterious.

Challenges: The Wisteria Room usually presents a garden theme setting and was very bright being a lunch event. Funktionality had to create a mood within the space relevant to the brief without using any floral so had to think outside the square. Peacock feathers reminiscent of the IN-FLUX hues were stylistically incorporated into the table centrepieces instead and reflected the dark spirit of the theme well. This colour scheme carried through to all other event components, creating a perfect synergy of strength and elegance.

Overcoming challenges: Creativity was key in overcoming this challenge. Funktionality got the team together to brainstorm ideas and clever ways of translating the IN-FLUX theme to life. In addition to browsing through Pinterest, Instagram, design blogs, books and magazines, the team also drew ideas from personal experiences such as travelling, and are constantly inspired by the built and natural environment and architecture they see, as well as the cultures they immerse themselves in.

Client’s comment: OMG, it was just awesome! We have had such great feedback from our media partners as well as our clients. They all loved the daytime event (as a change) and thought the venue and room set-up looked phenomenal. You did an amazing job for us and we thought the room just looked fantastic and really brought our IN-FLUX theme to life. The decals looked amazing on the windows and the table decorations and chandeliers were fabulous.

I also received the images from the photographer. He was great and the photos look fantastic. Thanks for arranging that for us. Thanks again and look forward to seeing you both again soon. Peieta (Goldwell)