March 15 2021

By Joyce DiMascio

Major exhibition organisers are shedding some of their best and most experienced staff, but out of the carnage new enterprises are emerging.

The latest duo to combine their outstanding events industry expertise are former Reed Exhibitions executives Paul Baker and Tim Rusbridge. Between them, they know the Australian and UK markets inside-out.

The duo have formed a full-service event consultancy and management business called connexU. With refreshing optimism, they have launched the business saying that it is the agile businesses with the clearest strategic vision that will burst back to pre-COVID levels quicker than others.

“In fact, those who also execute well, could usher in a new golden era for face-to-face events,” they said.

connexU will assist businesses, associations and government in navigating the evolving face-to-face landscape – providing strategic clarity, access to new technologies and new methods to engage communities and unlocking previously untapped sources of revenue, their PR says.

Tim Rusbridge said: “This industry has changed and connexU was created specifically for the new era – one that values agility and a more entrepreneurial mindset. There are incredible opportunities out there for those set up to identify them and then capitalise quickly.”

For more information on connexU and its services, visit the connexU website or contact connexU on +61 2 8277 4324.