With just a little inspiration, these bite-sized treats can push the boundaries and make eating at an event an experience.


Fresh Catering

Executive chef Marco Adler

Working at Fresh Catering gives me a chance to get creative on a daily basis. We love to impress our clients and think outside the box

on what can be achieved at a premium level. We pride ourselves on always keeping abreast of what’s new and exciting in local and imported produce and we’re constantly adapting our knowledge of food and entertaining trends to ensure all events are at the cutting edge.

Our produce is always sourced from the best suppliers in Sydney to ensure the food prepared for each and every event is of the finest quality. By accessing up-to-the-minute market reports we know what ingredients are fresh and in-season at all times.

High quality, creativity and food innovation is what sets Fresh Catering apart from its competitors and what the company strives to achieve at all levels of business. We create a menu of specific recommendations to suit each client, examining a curious mix of textures and flavours that we know work well together.


Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

Executive chef Tony Panetta

Packages start from $34

Parmesan sable biscuit, house-made labna, Yarra Valley organic beetroot, fig jelly and caramelised shallot
This is a collage of winter ingredients that encapsulates our approach to Victorian produce – made fresh, by hand, and in-house, right down to our award-winning labna. We wanted a canapé that not only looked exciting, but had an abundance of flavours that would enliven the tastebuds. This flavour bomb was originally created for a charity event hosted at the MCEC in May earlier this year and was such a hit that we’ve now added it to our regular menu.