With event budgets expected to remain tight this year, micenet AUSTRALIA has called on some of the leading entertainment agencies for their pick of who’s not only hot for 2013 but who won’t break the bank just yet.

Specialties: Trapeze, acrobatics, aerial silks, clowning

With a story nearly as whimsical as her performances, Shannon Gray is the girl who ran away to the circus and never looked back. She passed on the options of the corporate world to learn the art of acrobatics, trapeze and aerial silks, and travels the globe performing. Lifting dance from the stage to the trapeze, she expresses her emotions through her movement. Shannon captivates and humbles her audience as she delicately balances mid-air while the music builds, before her body beautifully twists and turns as it crescendos, and the lines that she creates with her body become the lead instrument to the song. She performs to anything from classical to dubstep and tailors her act to the event, often inspired by the music of her client’s choosing or live bands.

Specialties: leadership, adventure, social and global issues

Having traversed regions that most only hear about via tragic news headlines, Mark Squirrell, or ‘Squizz’, has mastered the challenges of performing under pressure, having found himself escorting food convoys through the Gaza Strip, negotiating with the Liberation Tigers of the Tamil Tigers, and brokering deals with Somali clansmen to ensure the safe delivery of United Nations food aid. Squizz uses anecdotes and lifelike challenges during his presentations to deliver practical tips for those working in today’s complex and fluid global market. His inspiring talks are focused on subjects such as the responsible leadership of balancing people, profits and planet; seeking challenges to succeed among adversity while managing risk; and motivating teams while maximising their skills to optimise outputs.


Specialties: communication, customer service, gender, psychology, social trends

A woman of wit and charisma, Amanda Stevens has the unique insight of a consultant who has advised small businesses through to Fortune 500 companies and the highest levels of Australian politics. She takes her audience on a fascinating journey through the human mind and teaches proven techniques based on relationships, gender differences and human communication, along with powerful sales, marketing and customer service strategies. She’s one of the few speakers to bring the latest in consumer research, social trend data and industry specific case studies to each presentation, ensuring a tailored message for maximum impact. Her topics include marketing to the majority, social behaviour, turning clients into advocates, and gender selling.


Specialties: entrepreneurship, philanthropy, nutrition, social issues

At age 28, Dr Sam Prince has achieved more than most do in a lifetime. He works as a doctor, runs a chain of restaurants, and helps feed one million people a year in developing nations. Not one for small goals, he hopes to build 100 schools in his home country of Sri Lanka by 2014, and is working to eradicate scabies from Australia, starting with Arnhem Land. In Sam’s world, business and aid work are intimately linked, and his business journey, clear vision and philosophies strike a chord with the values of audience members. He holds the passion and grit to see things through to completion, motivating listeners to reflect upon their own lives and take action.


Specialties: innovation, technology, leadership, trends, customer service

As the 2012 Telstra Business Woman of the Year for Innovation, Liesl’s expertise in IT and customer service comes from owning three technology patents and having more than 15 years’ experience managing growth businesses. Her latest innovation, MyCyberTwin, creates software clones of customer service representatives to replace staff, and she is also the founder of stock exchange-listed company, Mooter, which specialises in behavioural targeting. Her thorough knowledge allows her to enlighten her audiences about emerging trends, the future of technology, its impact on the relationships of companies to customers, along with how to grow in a downturn, social media, customer service and female leadership.


Specialties: contortionism, performance

Combinging nu-school hoopism with aerial hoop and contortionism, this Amsterdam-born blonde has graced Australian shores after touring 29 countries. Having trained at Escola National de Circo in Rio de Janeiro, and holding a degree in circus from The Circus Space in London, Lisa can tailor her many spectacular skills to corporate events and gala dinners.


Specialties: adventurer, adversity, inspiration

With a story worthy of ABC’s prestigious Australian Story, John Cantor’s experience is one many can appreciate. Making the first attempt to traverse the Brooks Range solo at only 21, he battled mounting mental and physical challenges over six years. It took three failed attempts to complete the seemingly impossible 1600 kilometre expedition considered one of the most brutal in the world – and in the record time of 31 and a half days. John’s story proves determination and positive outlook can accomplish even the most impossible goals. He helps audiences find their passion, appreciate the small wins and learn the failures to reach success.


Specialties: future, social trends, leadership, creative thinking, technology, multigenerational teams

Anders Sorman-Nilsson is a reformed lawyer and the founder of the research company Thinque based in Sydney and Stockholm. His progressive understanding of market evolution and social change has been used by clients such as Apple, MTV, Johnson & Johnson and Macquarie Bank to foresee upcoming trends and both survive and profit from them. He believes the rapid pace of change means we need to be constantly upgrading our personal, organisational and leadership operations for business longevity and success. His speech topics include future business thinking, staying innovative, predicting and surviving global trends, and leading cross-generational teams, among many others.


Specialties: motivation, inspiration, humour, adventure

A story of Australian spirit and good humour, Mick Colliss is an everyday guy with unwavering determination. Throughout his life, Mick’s dream was to represent his country, but when he failed at everything from rugby to lawn bowls and all seemed desperately lost, he discovered the game sudoku. Despite having no real skill in that either, he got together three of his rugby mates to travel to India as the Australian team in the World Sudoku Championships, coming 89th out of 89 teams. With good ol’ Aussie laughs, Mick’s story is one of mate ship, embracing failure, overcoming a lack of talent, and finding innovative ways to your goal.


Specialties: adventure, challenge, risk taking, sports

When the GFC hit and Google closed its Melbourne office, Tristan Miller lost his long-served job in ad sales. But instead of job hunting, he sold everything, laid out an extraordinary strategy, and left Aussie shores to run 52 marathons over the 52 weeks of 2010. He covered 42 countries over seven continents to raise money for UNICEF and Facing Africa, including a run across the frozen fields of Antarctica. He sifts through the lessons he learnt using videos he took throughout the journey, illustrating points of heroism and misfortune to help audiences find clarity. Tristan shows how the regular person can take the lowest points in their life and make them life-changing new beginnings.


Specialties: health and lifestyle, social issues, work/life balance

While many health experts are preachy, Cyndi O’Mera is vibrant, passionate and friendly. She uses her expertise to help others improve their quality of life – something we could all have a hand at. She reveals truths to her audiences that help them make long-lasting changes along with giving them simple techniques to eliminate unhealthy habits. She presents on a diversity of health and wellbeing topics including how to avoid getting burnt out and finding more energy; the truth about drugs, preservatives and additives; and steps on living an extraordinary life by improving relationships, health, money and life purpose.


Specialties: challenge, change management, strategy, leadership

An operational Air Force fighter pilot, Peter Robinson is one who knows leadership and pressure, also holding international business experience along with an MBA. He speaks with the authority and insight of an elite leader of Australia’s foremost aerobatic display team, the Roulettes, about the cutting-edge principles of teamwork, communication and leadership. He reenergises his audiences, giving them the teamwork secrets of the formation aerobatics team that can transform the company’s identity in the marketplace. His topics of expertise cover the planning, briefing, executing and debriefing skills of an elite pilot and businessperson; and achieving mission-focused success through teamwork and leadership.

Specialty Area: musical performance

Combining the awesome power of traditional Japanese taiko with the ethereal tones of the bamboo shakuhachi, TaikOz explores a synthesis of East and West. The energetic drumming group combines the frenetic energy of traditional Yataibayashi with the intensity of avant-garde compositions, and the talent of Japan’s greatest solo taiko player. The group creates a visually spectacular, high-energy performance that draws from ancient tradition while looking to the future, and can also include
team-building elements and audience participation.