September 15, 2021 | By Joyce DiMascio

Hanging onto good staff or finding them is now a bigger challenge than ever according to the members of the Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia (EEAA). So, the EEAA is running a special forum with a workforce management agency to help address key HR issues.

The presenter for the EEAA’s fourth power session is Sophia Symeou, CEO and Co-Founder of INS, a specialist workforce management agency.

The session will put the spotlight on all things related to helping to get people and organisations through this latest period of change for businesses.

COVID-19, the lockdowns and border restrictions have had big impacts on businesses in our sector. Many have lost lots of good people, many have let good people go and some have started rehiring again.

The name of Symeou’s company provides an insight into her own personal philosophy – INS stands for “In No-one’s Shadow”.

“We believe, that neither we, nor the people who work with us, nor the people that we serve, should ever stand in anyone else’s shadow,” she says.

The session, created by the EEAA in partnership with Connected Event Group, will explore  attraction, retention and attrition of your workforce. Symeou will share strategies for keeping your key employees actively engaged in your organisation and provide advice on how to empower and support your workforce. The session will take place at 10am AEST on Thursday September 23 as a webinar. Registration can be completed here.

Over recent months the association has produced three other power sessions designed to help the events industry upskill and tackle some of the particular issues that have been created during the 19 months of COVID-related restrictions and change.