When we launched this magazine 10 years ago now we did what I thought at the time was a pretty interesting thing by wooing readers from the pages to our website with the promise of discovering what the future of the events industry would be in another decade or more.
This was when websites were in their infancy and, being a new publication in a crowded market, we tried to do something a little bit different. We put a password in the magazine that readers then had to type into a specially designed box on the website and voila – the future of the event industry would be revealed.
The only thing I distinctly remember that was in that special feature was an interview I did with the futurist Richard Neville who said, among other things, that venues would be less permanent than they currently were. I don’t know why he said this or how he came to this conclusion but what I do know is that the pop-up event, and the pop-up venue, really is a new phenomenon that up until maybe a year or two ago nobody had ever conceived.
Unfortunately I don’t have a record of what else he said because we’ve revamped our website so many times now and the interview has been lost. I sometimes wonder whether he predicted an entity like Facebook would come to be, or that an internet search engine would be among the most valuable companies in the world.
I wonder whether he said that the traditional way of publishing was changing, or that meetings would be less face to face and instead held via computer on something like Skype. Regrettably I’ll never know.
What I do know and recognise is that as Ketut says in that AAMI advertisement, it’s imperative to “Keep your eyes on the road, Rhonda”. And it’s equally as important to remember your past.
To that end, we’ve done another revamp of our website, have tweaked the look and feel of our magazine, and launched a micenet magazine app.
We welcome your feedback,