Together with some other journalists in a recent familiarisation trip to Sandakan, I walked through Sabah’s beautifully preserved and maintained rainforest. We stopped at almost every unusual flora we walked into; admiring the uniqueness of certain trees, taking pictures here and there and listening intently to the very interesting background information shared by our knowledgeable guide, Severino.
Suddenly, heavy downpour came out of nowhere and our group had to make do with thick leaves from overlapping branches above our heads to shield us from getting wet. We stayed there for a good 20 minutes; literally looking through the rain fall without much choice but to patiently wait till the rain subsides. We pretty much joked among ourselves for the first five minutes. But the rest of the time, we kept still – hearing the occasional thunder and continuous rain fall.
I couldn’t remember the last time I had a good look at the rain and just be with myself. In the busy lives we live in, how often do we find ourselves stop and ponder about the amazing surroundings we are in… and just be grateful that we can do the things we do?
This issue, we feature some really unique spas to discover in the region (page 18) and as we draw the year to a close, we encourage our readers to
go for that great escape and simply free the mind.
De-stress, relax, chill – call it the way you like it. But find time to give yourself and those around you a break. I find the dtac Thailand (a telecoms company in Thailand) TV commercial a brilliant reminder to all of us: disconnect to connect. Most of the time, the best gift we can give ourselves and others is our finest selves in supreme condition.

Sandra Hernandez,