Inspired by the Luxperience exhibition in Sydney (beginning August 31), micenet AUSTRALIA delves into the high-end delivery of incentive travel programs. By Brad Foster

Bagging the cheapest offering available is often not the way to go when it comes to pure incentive travel rewards. Often individuals have been busting their necks to achieve annual sales targets, and if their reward is a few nights in a cheap hotel it’s likely they won’t be putting in the same effort the following year.

And the same could be said for key clients. If you’re using a travel reward as a thank you to your chief accounts then do you really expect that saving a few dollars on the accommodation or even the destination is going to sit well with them?

One of Australia’s major players in the delivery of incentive travel rewards, cievents, believe that when incentive reward programs are done property they become highly anticipated among staff and channel resellers and as a result can be a key driver for the overall success of any business.

But in the majority of cases they can’t be done on the cheap.

“High end incentive reward programs are a perfect way to motivate what can be diverse and complex audiences,” explains cievents director of sales, Sandy Botterill.

“As top achievers can be well travelled, it’s necessary to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences which in turn foster employee engagement and internal brand ambassadors.

“Whether it’s staying in an exclusive resort, travelling to an exotic location or creating amazing experiences, the flow on effect drives bottom line results.  Recognising and rewarding the efforts of top achievers can breathe new life into attendees for the year ahead and drive competition to be eligible for the next year.”

Often it’s the destination that plays a major part in the motivation for potential attendees combined with effective delivery of the actual program and clear goals and objectives.

As an example, cievents assisted PharmacyChoice® with an integrated retail support program that is designed to assist independent pharmacies increase sales and profit margins by providing support in key business areas.

The incentive program had been running for several years without a dedicated website, and the client recognised that it was not maximising its reach by not having one. To that end, cievents created a flexible and simple-to-use online program that would drive greater success for independent pharmacies to help them reach the end goal of qualifying for the incentive travel reward.

cievents designed, managed and launched the “Master the Steps” online incentive program, reaching more participants, providing greater access to information and ensuring more pharmacies engaged with the program.

Pharmacies that engaged with the program earned points towards the incentive with the reward being an international eight day incentive experience in Hong Kong staying at one of the best hotels in the city – The Langham Place, Mongkok.

A second tier weekend incentive was held in the Barossa Valley in South Australia.