Victorian shadow health minister Georgie Crozier has called out Victorian premier Daniel Andrews for cancelling this year’s Anzac Day march while allowing the SummerSalt music festival to proceed on the Mornington Peninsula.

The festival, which took place over the weekend, asked visitors on its website to bring their own high back chairs to stay seated in during the sets, to arrive with their own social groups and to check in using a QR code. But pictures have emerged showing hundreds of revellers standing close together and flouting social distancing requirements.

Earlier this month the Anzac Day march was cancelled for the second year in a row due to Covid-19, a move which minister Crozier told the Daily Mail highlights ‘inconsistencies’.

“Victorians have seen so many inconsistencies and double standards under Daniel Andrews and this is just another example,” she said.

“You have to wonder what expert medical advice Daniel Andrews is receiving when there is one rule for certain groups of people and another for others.”

Tasmania (Tas) has followed Victoria’s (Vic) lead by cancelling Hobart’s Anzac Day march, whereas dawn services, marches and public commemorations in Queensland (Qld) will go ahead as planned. In New South Wales (NSW), an invite-only march is planned for the Sydney CBD.