Meet our editorial advisory board members, minus their high-powered suits!

Behind the highly demanding jobs that our editorial advisory board members hold, they are like any of us who have their own favourites, fond memories and experiences that they would rather forget!

David Lim


Most embarrassing moment:

My most embarrassing moment must have been on one of my climbing trips to the Swiss Alps in the 1990s. I recall reminding everyone on my team, of the dangers of falling over one’s own crampons. With 12 sharp metal points in a steel frame strapped to your boots, you could easily snag one of them on your trouser leg or gaiters. Shortly after my reminder, I snagged my own crampons in mid-stride and fell forward, face-planting in the snow. I leapt up and looked left and right to check if anyone had seen me.
Luckily, no one really noticed!

Andrew Chan


Favourite movie why:

My favourite movie of all time is Rocky. It’s actually the only movie on DVD I own. I used to watch it the night before game day when I was playing rugby back in Australia, and now I watch it the night before a marathon to get a bit of extra motivation. It’s the ultimate underdog made good movie of all time!

Nino Grüttke


Best childhood memory and why:

I have a childlike curiosity that drives me to explore and discover new things every day. But I do remember many fond memories of my grandma and I. When I was seven, I loved riding on the upper deck of double-decker buses in Berlin. So on weekends, my grandma would pack lunch boxes for the two of us and ride the bus with me for an entire day – back and forth. That got her the nickname ‘bus grandma’. By the way, bus grandma just got herself an iPad at age 85 and frequently sends me facebook messages and emails. I love her!

Damion Breust


Best show seen and why:

My television experience of 2012 was arguably the adaptation of Christos Tsiolkas’s novel The Slap. I was completely hooked from the get-go as it is rare to see an exploration of human reactions, desires and failings within a middle class, multicultural, current Australian context. Having lived in Asia now for nine years, I was engrossed in the depiction of contemporary suburban life in Australia. Although the story is initially based on an incident at a 40th birthday barbecue where a guest slaps a child who is unrelated to him, the brilliance of the series was that each episode followed the impact of this incident on different characters. Each of these explorations unfolded into some serious, unexpected and dramatic story lines and I loved the fact that the series didn’t present the racial and cultural stereotypes that one usually expects. Although I wasn’t particularly sympathetic to any of the characters, each episode really made me reflect on our workings as humans and how much place, environment and time influence our actions and reactions. It was a great, very watchable Australian drama.

Daniel Chua


Most memorable day:

My most memorable day must be my wedding day. To be surrounded and filled with the love and well-wishes of hundreds of friends and relatives is a humbling, gratifying, uplifting and overwhelming experience. Beautiful memory after beautiful memory in a day full of heart-warming moments from the Church to the banquet hall in a haze of happiness (and bubbly). Nothing quite prepares you for the experience, though I’ve helped out at many weddings as the emcee or best man. And two years later, just after moving into our own apartment, I’m going to be a daddy!

Selina Grocott


Favourite comfort food and why:

t’s hard to say what my favourite comfort food is, I like almost everything. I love Asian food, and having recently moved to Singapore, I am in total food heaven. The chicken rice, the pepper crab, the dim sum, there is so much amazing food everywhere. My favourite right now is Vietnamese beef pho soup and rice paper rolls. If I had to choose one thing it would have to be wonton noodle soup. When I first arrived in Singapore I ate it almost every day for at least two weeks, I’m obsessed.

Rosalind Ng


Colour that best represents you and why:

I think I am a mix of gold and green… I have a positive outlook in life and radiate charisma, personality and individuality, making others feel relaxed. With an optimistic attitude, I am the sort who can’t sit back to wait for things to happen; I am also a practical, down to earth person with a love for nature. I love green… I am wise & practical, and achievement oriented with high expectations. On the negative side, I can be quite strong-willed.

Maureen O’Crowley


Who to dine with and why:

Though my name is more convincing, my pick would be a fellow Irishman named Paul Hewson, better known globally as “Bono” – the lead singer of the rock band, U2.
We are about the same age and I have been a fan from early on. U2 is still going strong today and the music transcends generations. He is quite a character with a great sense of humour. I find inspiration in his song lyrics and would relish a conversation about his admirable humanitarian efforts and seek ways to lend a hand myself.