NAME: Erin Vaiotu


POSITION: Meetings & events manager

What are you working on right now in anticipation of a return of events?

PARKROYAL Parramatta as a whole is using this time to hit the refresh button! With a little extra time on our hands we are working through all collateral, creating new menus and new procedures to make sure we are bigger & better for when our guests are ready to return. This is a new world we are navigating through and communication with our clients is key to ensure that when they are ready, we are able to meet any new expectations and hit the ground running.

What’s one lesson you have learnt during the COVID-19 lockdown period?

We work better together, than we do apart! This period has really shown me the importance of finding common ground and relating to clients on a ‘human’ level has never been more important. Every business has been impacted in some way, and by working together we can all do our part to move forward into the new world and adapt to whatever challenges may be thrown our way.

What do you value more now than you may have pre-COVID-19?

An honest answer: stability. Knowing what the next day brings and the pre-conceived challenges that come with it. The events industry that is planned, organised, precise and therefore pays dividends when the clients’ expectations are exceeded. The new ‘norm’ means new expectations, more cancellations and unfortunately a very long road of unknown.

How do you think events will change in the future?

We have seen a new push to online and hybrid events which is uncharted waters. Everyone is learning the ropes and deciphering through new forms of technology to keep business running and communication as per the normal standards. I believe in time, companies will be itching to bring the team back together, be looking for bonding and team building activities and finding a happy medium with social distancing still playing an important role to make everyone feel safe. We are creating a PARKROYAL Bubble for our clients to show their safety is priority and hopefully to help in the transition back to face-to-face events in 2021.

Why are events important?

Events are an important tool to bring people together. Face-to-face events allow for discussions and interactions with peers which leads to growth for both the business and for the individuals. Events are a great tool to pass on information, live and learn the core values of a company, and more than anything… build great working relationships!