August 16, 2021 | By Joyce DiMascio

The debate around whether the Federal Government should provide a $300 incentive to encourage Australians to get a COVID-19 vaccination is fuelling lots of arguments for and against.

Vaccination is considered the key to freedom and a return to some level of normal life in Australia, although how this looks in reality – particularly with the Sydney outbreak continuing to worsen after seven weeks of lockdown – remains to be seen.

One high profile hospitality celebrity is going it alone to provide an incentive to his patrons to get the jab.

Luke Mangan, operator of Glass Restaurant, the fine dining establishment within Hilton Sydney, is offering a complimentary glass of wine to diners at his establishment for three months after restaurants are given the go ahead to reopen.

“Anyone who dines at our flagship restaurant, Glass, who can prove they have had the jab will get a free glass of wine for the first three months hospitality is allowed back in business,” said Mangan.

“The more people who can go out and get the jab, the sooner we can get the economy back to normal and get people back in work sooner.”

His offer has been widely welcomed by most of his followers although a minority of anti-vax protagonists also took the opportunity to shoot down the idea on his LinkedIn story.

Mangan has been an active campaigner throughout the COVID-19 pandemic for measures designed to get support for the hospitality sector.

Hilton Sydney is one of the major business events hotels in Sydney and Glass Restaurant is the hub of food and beverage within the hotel.