SINGAPORE The fourth edition of the World Entrepreneurship Forum (WEF) made its foray in Asia in 2011, with Pico Art International appointed the official conference and event manager for the event held in Singapore. What were some successes that led to Pico securing the event again this year?

Pico Art International’s duties included overall project management, creative design, managing delegate experience, conference logistics and website, as well as collaterals design and production, social activities and entertainment.

Pico Art International Pte Ltd general manager, Alfonsus Koh, said one of the key challenges the company faced for WEF 2011 was the logistics of converting the same venue used for the plenary session to a gala dinner setting, with only a three-hour interval in between for set-up.

To manage this, Pico tapped onto the forum’s key words of innovation and technology, and used a 10metre-by-3metre panoramic screen instead of the conventional static backdrop used in most conferences.

“The panoramic projection served the dual purpose of being a backdrop during the gala dinner as well as the screening of content for the plenary sessions which flowed seamlessly from screen to screen,” Mr Koh said, adding that the use of the screen eliminated the need to factor in time for setting up an alternative setting for the gala dinner.

Due to many parties involved in the 2011 forum, there was a need to ensure the accuracy of information flow between the multiple organisations and government agencies across continents and different time zones was managed properly. Mr Koh said this was able to be achieved due to an efficient team structure.

“Clear hierarchy and differentiated roles and responsibilities of individuals allowed for a clear chain of communication and accountability.”

When asked what he thought is most important when executing WEF and other similar events, Mr Koh believed the project team needs the foresight and ability to understand the customer needs intimately and transform that into actionable practical solutions.

“Sound judgment, flexibility and clear communication are also pivotal to the success of an event,” he added.

About WEF:

The next Singapore edition will be held from October 30 to November 2, 2013 at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, with Pico Art International continuing its duties.

The WEF gathers over 250 participants from 60 countries selected for their entrepreneurial achievements and commitment to society. The event brings together business entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, policy makers, experts and academics for the sharing of latest trends and issues and developing of ideas aimed at promoting and spreading entrepreneurship worldwide. Entrepreneurial initiatives are also facilitated and implemented on a local or global scale.