July 28, 2021 | By Michelle Schuberg, Managing Director of Curiious

EVENT NAME: Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices 2021 Australia and New Zealand Annual Sales Team Meeting

EVENT TYPE: Virtual conference

CREATED BY: Eventful Meetings & Events and Curiious

VENUE(S): An online business hub developed by Curiious and customised for Johnson & Johnson

PAX: 750

CHALLENGE: Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices was looking to transition its Annual Australia and New Zealand Sales Team Meeting to a virtual format in a way that would maximise delegate engagement and ensure its workforce was equipped with the latest training to sell medical technologies.

WHAT THEY DID: Between January 18 and 21, 2021, 750 Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices delegates took part in a virtual conference, which was brought to life by the Brand Base software by Curiious. Curiious customised their Brand Base event tech solution, modifying its look and feel to achieve a biophilia theme, in line with recent research findings that virtual nature provides 70 percent of the mood-lifting benefits of real nature.

With 25 years of content creation experience under their belt, Curiious developed a dynamic environment, to ensure the platform was both functional and captivating. Delegates were able to explore six kinetic sculptures in the virtual realm, each of which was built to resemble a Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices’ business unit, including surgical knee reconstructions, medical imaging and breast implants. Once inside the sculptures, guests could unlock the conference content, including self-guided learning opportunities via active media galleries, scheduled sessions that merged live broadcast with pre-recorded video content, social rooms and exhibitor booths. While the design of the world was bespoke and futuristic, the applications underpinning the technology were based on functionality delegates have already mastered, such as Zoom and Google Live View Navigation, ensuring everyone could intuitively use the platform without extensive training.

Additional event touches included a treasure hunt, which saw delegates scour the virtual world for 21 items to win a prize, incentivising them to acquaint themselves with the environment. Narrative-based videos were also recorded ahead of time and placed into the hubs.

Brand Base was such a hit with delegates that post-event data confirmed every inch of the virtual world had been explored during the event. Attendees completed 15,000 independent learning experiences over the three days, and, in the month that followed, a few hundred delegates re-visited the world per week to re-watch keynote speeches. In fact, the time they spent in the world after the event increased from an average of 10 minutes to 20, demonstrating its suitability as a permanent virtual hub for business. Post-event surveys found that 89 per cent of delegates felt the virtual format met or exceeded their expectations, while 72 per cent responded positively to the ease of navigation. The social rooms were successful with 80 per cent of delegates, who responded positively to the interaction with colleagues during or between sessions.

CLIENT’S COMMENTS: “In transitioning our event to a virtual format, we wanted an experience that truly surprised and delighted our teams,” said Head of Communications & Public Affairs, ANZ at Johnson & Johnson Medical, Joanna Stevens.

“The gamified realm provided a unique, unexpected experience that injected energy into the attendee experience.

“A significant portion of our medical devices sales team are required to attend the operating theatre and the feedback we received is they were able to better manage their case loads due to the virtual format; logging on at relevant times rather than taking four days off work to attend in person.

“We have the opportunity to continue adding content to this software and expand its potential as a permanent learning resource.”