This week a new campaign is getting to work to focus people’s attention away from Zoom and onto getting back in business… in Sydney.

Backed by NSW Government and the tourism industry, and led by the global bidding and business promotion experts at BESydney, this new campaign is like nothing our industry has seen before.

But what would you expect? Our world has changed… so should our campaigns.

The It’s got to be Sydney proposition is delivered in a punchy promo video jam-packed with reasons. There’s so many, we challenge you to see if you can get by without pressing replay at least once.

Whatever you love – great places to eat and drink, the arts, festivals, noisy debate – Sydney’s happy collision of ideas and people often provides a twist on what’s trending elsewhere.

Launching the new campaign, NSW Minister for Jobs, Investment, Tourism and Western Sydney, Stuart Ayres, said COVID-19 hit the business events sector early and hard, and that now is the time for businesses to begin planning their meetings and events for next year, as the government continues to ease restrictions across a range of venue categories.

“It’s now crucial for Australia’s business community to be able to get back on its feet, to collaborate, share ideas and do business in person once again and we’re working hard to provide as many opportunities as possible to achieve just that. Zoom meetings only get you so far.

“This campaign is a key initiative to highlight all that Sydney has to offer the business visitor across its unique combination of culture, creativity and commercial strengths and it will build awareness about the opportunities for businesses to meet in our city and state,” Mr. Ayres said.

BESydney CEO Lyn Lewis-Smith said: “In our work securing Sydney hosting rights for global conferences and incentives over the past 50 years, BESydney has been at the forefront of promoting, protecting and growing our city’s reputation as Australia’s premier destination for business visitors.

“With COVID impacting our industry hard, we’re lending our business event promotion and acquisition expertise to help our industry fight for the state’s major share in the country’s previously vibrant domestic business events calendar.

It’s got to be Sydney is about hope,” Ms. Lewis-Smith added.

“This campaign is filled with optimism for a new COVID Safe future, where our expert Australian business events sector is once-again delivering safe ways for business gatherings to get people making real connections off-Zoom and face to face. Studies have shown time and again that in-person meetings are the most effective way to communicate and win business.”

Ms. Lewis-Smith said: “Through this campaign, we’re focused on bringing business to Sydney, across state borders, and executing on the important role that this sector plays in the state’s economy.”

The campaign website connects you directly and easily with Sydney’s expert suppliers across the full range of facilities and services necessary for creating business events that defy expectations. And as you’d expect, it carries all the ideas, tips and guidelines you need to surprise and delight your delegates whilst covering all the bases for a reassuringly COVID Safe event.

While it’s anyone’s guess what the future holds, Sydney is in the right position to do what it’s always done. Adapt. Survive. Thrive. Because if there’s one thing that’s for sure of, it’s that Sydney’s not done yet. Not even close.

To see how Sydney can help you make your next business event amazing, with a unique twist on what’s trending elsewhere, go to

Don’t forget to watch the campaign video here!