With the publication of two industry textbooks under way, the Thailand Incentive and Convention Association are hopeful these educational materials will help inspire and enhance the capabilities of the local MICE industry.

by Sirima Eamtako

The Thailand Incentive and Convention Association (TICA) has become part of the development of Asia’s first MICE Curriculum text book, “Introduction to the MICE Industry”, in both Thai and English, as part of its goal to help enhance the competitiveness of the Thailand’s MICE industry.

TICA president Sumate Sudasna said: “The MICE 101 text book project is truly an amalgamation of practical field experience and academia systemisation.”
The course board of MICE 101 comprises senior executives from the Thai MICE circle and the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau’s (TCEB) MICE Capabilities Department. Other course board members include local MICE industry veterans from TICA, Thai Exhibition Association (TEA) and Event Management Association (EMA).
TCEB has taken the lead in moulding the modules which aim to give target students – mainly freshmen and sophomore undergraduates – the understanding, knowledge and inspiration to start a career in MICE.

48 universities in Thailand have signed a memorandum of understanding to support the MICE 101 text book, which will feature 13 chapters highlighting international best practices in meetings, incentives, conventions, trade exhibitions and events.
Mr Sumate said: “Having 13 chapters in a text book demonstrate how serious the Thai MICE circle is to inspire the younger generation to become future MICE professionals.”
University lecturers have also been brought up to speed with the latest knowledge of the MICE industry, using MICE 101 text book as a base in a three-day “Coach the Coaches” programme organised in June 2012 and May 2013.
The coaching programme emphasises how the “Introduction to the MICE Industry” text book can be used under the new MICE curriculum. Gurus from TICA and other related MICE associations took turns briefing the academics.

MICE Case Book

TICA also sits in the working committee to develop a second MICE text book, which aims to analyse Thai and international case studies from the MICE industry.
The new publication, “MICE Case Book”, will showcase how top professionals organise major events, pointing out the pros and cons of each event.  Mr Sumate said a total of 14 case studies, at least two from each field, have been identified and will be included in the case book. Both books will provide insights into the Thailand’s MICE industry.