By Joyce DiMascio

More than 11,000 guests attended the Sydney Pregnancy, Babies and Children’s Expo (PBCE) in December 2020, one of the largest events to take place at the precinct since March of the same year.

The event attracted 70 exhibitors representing 200 brands.

A new case study released by Sydney Showground says the event was a welcome return to a “normal” world, albeit operated under the NSW government’s guidelines for running Covid-Safe events.

Sydney Showground said that by dispersing crowds through sessions and using additional venue space, its client, PBCE Sydney, could reach its target attendance figures and be one of the first organisations to bring exhibitions back to life in Sydney.

To be a Covid-Safe event, PBCE met the NSW Health requirements which included an approved Covid Safety plan, one-and-a-half-metre physical distancing, hygiene and cleaning, abiding by Covid food and safety guidelines, working within a four sqm per person layout, and patron and staff record-keeping for quick contact tracing purposes.

To account for a limit on visitor capacities, Sydney Showground provided an additional hall and an extra ‘bump in’ and ‘bump out’ day. This assisted organisers in planning a physically distanced exhibitor bump in/out and provided extra space for wider aisles and separate entry-exit points during the event.

Managing director of PBCE Cameron Just said: “The team at Sydney Showground went above and beyond to ensure we were able to run our event and provided a Covid-Safe environment for both visitors and exhibitors.”