Selecting the right supplier to provide exhibition solutions for your show is imperative to the success of your event.
Expo Direct CEO Eden Fridman offers five qualities that your preferred supplier for shell schemes and custom built stands at your next show should possess:

  • Great service requires close communication: The event organiser and exhibition supplier must work closely throughout the planning stage and duration of the show. Open lines of communication and good listening are very important as there will be changes, such as new exhibitors coming on board at the last minute, changes to floor plans, etc.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for advice: Take advantage of the service provider’s experience to ensure your show is a success. As part of your selection process, find out their thoughts on your floorplan, marketing plan and branding. They also may be able to assist in identifying potential exhibitors.
  • Expect a higher level of service to the exhibitors: Choose a supplier who listens and understands the needs of the exhibitors. Make sure that the supplier is a member of a recognised industry body such as EEAA and MEA.
  • One stop solution and point of contact: Take the headache out of managing an entire supply chain for the show. Select a company that can provide all your needs, whether it be design, furniture, flooring, upgrades, lighting and more. Having a sole source supplier will ensure easy integration and a competitive price.
  • Quality products: There are several different modular systems in the market for exhibitions. Choose a system such as Octonorm that is globally recognised, looks clean, is sturdy, and can be easily modified to adapt to the different sized stands and exhibitor requirements.

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