September 21, 2022 | By Joyce DiMascio | Image credit: Spinal Life Australia

Meeting and incentive planners have access to a new online resource to help find products and experiences in Far North Queensland that are accessible to people with mobility and other special needs.

If you’ve ever had to plan an event that involves speakers or attendees with mobility issues you know it’s still difficult to get hold of that information.

Tourism Tropical North Queensland (TTNQ) CEO Mark Olsen said his team had worked closely with Spinal Life Australia and Out There Travel Care to put together content showcasing experiences and accommodation accessible to all visitors.

The Accessibility Hub has been added to the Cairns and Great Barrier Reef destination website.

For meeting and incentive planners, it shows hotels and experiences equipped to offer quality opportunities to people with special mobility needs.

TTNQ launched the hub at the Making Tourism More Accessible Workshop at the Spinal Life Healthy Living Centre on September 15.

“It’s encouraging to see our operators attending to learn about the opportunities in the accessible tourism market, understand case studies from businesses that have successfully entered the market, and hear from people with physical disabilities about what they are looking for in a destination,” said Olsen.

Rosie Douglas, general manager of partnerships and events at TTNQ, welcomed the creation of the new resource.

“The Accessibility Hub will hugely benefit our conference delegates with mobility issues coming into the region. It’s a great resource for them to easily view accessible tours and attractions for pre and post touring to further explore the world’s oldest rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef.

“Having partners like Out There Travel Care and Spinal Life Australia on board gives our delegates the confidence and reassurance they will have support during their time in Tropical North Queensland.

“We proudly promote Cairns as an approachable, accessible city for all conference delegates visiting us in region,” she said.

Senior advisor in access and advocacy for Spinal Life Australia Dane Cross said the accessible tourism market represented a largely untapped opportunity for tourism operators.

“It’s been great to work with Tourism Tropical North Queensland on this project – and in our view, this is the best accessibility information available for any region in Australia,” he said.