April 29, 2021 | By Joyce DiMascio

The Executive Director of the Joint Meetings Industry Council, Rod Cameron has issued a major commentary on the state of the global meetings industry, saying the transition to recovery around the world will be extended.

In a new paper, Looking Forward: A Practical Perspective on Recovery, published this week, Cameron says the “new normal” has produced a range of educated guesses for managing the transition to recovery. However, those strategies will vary greatly from region to region based on the impacts and even industry sectors.

Cameron has built a long career working with the business events industry around the world trying to frame the advocacy arguments around why events matter. He is a frequent presenter on stage at industry events.

For business planners who are asked to add evidence to their research about the state of play around the world, his paper may validate views already formed within the Australian business events industry.

He says that while it is unlikely that the macro factors will be easily influenced as they are beyond the control of individual businesses or countries, “at least acknowledging such variability will help in the planning process”.

So if you are a studying business events or have the responsibility to deliver a big picture strategic plan, Cameron’s global perspectives in this paper may be worth reading. You can read it here, published as a guest blog for the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry.