By Brad Foster

Hey it’s me. I’ve been down a rabbit hole for the last six weeks, trying my hand at some home renovations. Knock down walls, they said. Open it all up, they said.

I’ve got to say, the desk job is a little less taxing on the body. But it’s been fun.

The rest of the team has been holding the fort with this, our daily news, and our other online platforms.

Sifting through the last six weeks of emails – okay, I’ve been checking my emails daily on my break too – I’ve noticed two significant things – one good and one bad:

  1. There are plenty of Australian tourism offices that are really communicating with the media and their stakeholders. Tourism Australia is certainly being active.
  2. Information and updates from our convention bureaux has been sadly lacking.

The disparity is, quite simply, incredible and I have to say disappointing.

Now, maybe they may be communicating with their members but they’re certainly not communicating with me or our audience of business event practitioners.

I don’t expect bureaux to be promoting their destination right now. That would be a waste. But what I would have expected – and what I hear marketing experts say all the time – is that even in a crisis it is imperative to maintain communication with your clients and customers.

And as far as I know that’s simply not happening.

There are plenty of businesses doing great things in many parts of the country and, with all their resources, bureaux around the country should be sharing these kinds of stories about their members and others within their cities and regions.

Because that isn’t the case to date then why not share what you’re up to with us? If you do have a great story to tell – you’re zigging when you were always zagging – then we’d love to hear about it.