By Annabel Sullivan

We all know people who have been professionally impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Many are looking for jobs, adjusting to alternate roles or have decided it’s time to take control of their destiny and explore new career opportunities. Research indicates almost 80 per cent of recruiters use LinkedIn to find candidates.  So now, more than ever, it’s important to not only be ON LinkedIn but also to be ACTIVE on the world’s largest professional platform.

I’ll share three things you can be doing on LinkedIn right now to help you find a job, expand your network and take advantage of some special features LinkedIn has recently ramped up.

  1. Let recruiters know you are open to opportunities

LinkedIn has a feature under Job Seeking Preferences that allows you to let recruiters know you’re open to a new job.  Once you turn this feature on, it enables you to tailor your preferences to suit the kind of opportunity you’re seeking.  You can specify job titles, job locations and whether you’re looking for full time or part time work.  You can set it up so that only recruiters can see this information or alternatively, you can open it up to all LinkedIn members.  LinkedIn will help your profile show up in search results when recruiters are looking for candidates with your skills.

  1. Connect and grow your network

It’s only natural to think that now might not be the best time to reach out and connect with people on LinkedIn.  The opposite is actually true.  The current environment provides a unique opportunity to actively connect and grow your network.  Take time to reach out to people who you might be able to support or perhaps people who might be able to support you. Now more than ever, we’ve got something in common – “we’re all in this together”.

  1. LinkedIn Learning

Currently LinkedIn is offering free online courses that are geared specifically toward people finding a job during these challenging times and a changing job market. You can access them here:

Topics include:

  • Recovering from a layoff
  • Writing a resume
  • Video interview tips + more

Like many businesses, we at Strategic Social Profiles have also reviewed and adjusted our services and have decided to expand our focus on LinkedIn at this time.  We’ve therefore put together some cost-effective LinkedIn Job Ready Offers to help people take advantage of the impression power of LinkedIn. You can access them here: