Brad Foster

The case unfolding at NAB is shocking. Terrible. Wrong. It stinks of out and out greed. What legitimate, honest event company wouldn’t want to run events for one of Australia’s big four banks? Being a bank we imagine that they would probably pay pretty well. So why this? Why allegedly conspire with somebody working at the bank – pay them kick-backs in fact – to turn a blind eye to invoices higher than agreed upon.

One report says this company, Human Group, who, by the way, we have never heard of and hope to God they aren’t members of any of our reputable industry associations, had been working with NAB for 10 years.

The sad, tragic part of this is that their actions put a blight on the entire events sector.

We can imagine other financial institutions now feverishly checking contracts they have with third-party event suppliers to ensure that everything is exactly as it should be. Perhaps others might be discussing how they should maybe bring their event services in-house rather than outsourcing. Others may even be talking – heaven forbid – about scaling back.

All because of a couple of allegedly greedy, low-life scumbags who took advantage of what can and should be a perfectly suitable method of conducting business.

We will be following this case with interest and hope that it doesn’t impact the sector as a whole. Oh, and just a reminder here. It is a criminal offence under the Crimes Act to take an undisclosed commission from a supplier in relation to a client contract.