What are the top 3 things you will do after lockdown?

Head to the Gold Coast for some beach-time – I’ll be having a swim in the ocean, no matter what the temperature! (It’s nearly whale-watching season, so I should blend in ok!)

Get back on the tennis court more often – have had a weekly hit with my coach during lock-down but really missed social tennis where there’s usually a post-game cappuccino or ideally a Prosecco involved!

Face-to-face catch-ups with friends and colleagues – I’m totally “Zoomed, Skyped & WhatsApped-out”! (although I think the stay-at-home introverts are loving it.)

What are your favourite things to do at home to keep you sane/happy?

Listening to the birds singing in the trees – you can actually hear them nowadays, as they’re not drowned out by aircraft & road traffic noise.

Finally getting time to sort through those “mystery piles” in my office – turns out, there’s generally nothing important in them, so out they go! Very cathartic! Marie Kondo would be proud of me.

Not really a favourite thing but important for sanity is using this down-time to get ready to move house in early June. Always a daunting job but not as stressful as it would be if I was trying to meet urgent business event PR & marketing project deadlines at the same time (But also hoping I’ll be busy again soon though.)

What new skills are you learning?

Learning Italian via a Zoom class each week – just hope I’ll remember some of it when/if we ever get to travel overseas again – 2021 …?

After so many Zoom/Skype/WhatsApp meetings & sessions, I reckon I’ve got them pegged but hoping there’ll be less of them as time goes by.

My greatest new skill is avoiding the words “Covid-19” & “Coronavirus” in any conversation – enough already! These words seem inescapable in the media, so I figure I should do my bit to counter-balance that.

Ciao to all!