Guess what? You guys love our industry friends’ updates so much that we’re here with a bonus one.

The second update comes from Lynne Schinella, whose answers might surprise you.

Have a look at them here.

What are the top 3 things you will do after lockdown? 

Find new excuses to not to visit people.

Find new excuses not to have people visit.

Turns out I’m not as much of a people person as I make out to be.

But I will find my son and hug him until he can’t breathe.

What are your favourite things to do at home to keep you sane/happy?

In truth, apart from the minor detail of no income, I’ve loved isolation. I love my work and this has given me great reason to work on my business without interruption instead of rushing from airport to airport. I do yoga most days – good for body and mind. And I’m lucky enough to be able to walk on a beach and swim. I think the surf has magical abilities – you go in stressed or cranky and come out a different person. And baking. Always baking.

What new skills are you learning?

How to gain weight effortlessly. How to roll a mean Swiss roll, bake a wicked cinnamon bun and how to make silken homemade pasta. Oh, and SEO Queen.