Brad Foster

A new app launched today is aiming to simplify the searching for and booking of event entertainers including musicians, MCs and keynote speakers.

After investment of close to $1 million and almost four years of development, founder and CEO of the Associated Celebrity Talent App, Harris Meitanis told micenet today the online booking platform is set to disrupt the events and entertainment industry in the same way that Uber and Airbnb have disrupted their market segments.

And the good news is that it already has significant backing from some of Australia’s hottest talent including Sophie Monk, Robert Whittaker, James Matheson and others, as well as event professionals including George P Johnson MD, Caleb Bush, the former MD of Jack Morton Worldwide, Paul Kenny, and International Productions event director, Megan Peters.

Mr Meitanis said A.C.T.A. eliminates many of the obstacles that have plagued the industry in terms of procuring talent for events. The app allows users to check the availability of talent in real time and then book them immediately.

Clients are also able to communicate, contract and pay the talent’s true representative directly, while having the ability to host all of their event documentation and assets on a mobile and secure platform which is accessible to them at any time.

“A.C.T.A. reduces the frustrations felt by event professionals over misrepresentation, miscommunication and over-quoting – all issues that stem from an unregulated industry filled with third-party agents,” he said.

“Really, first and foremost, this is a professional tool built for the event professional.”

He said the app isn’t aiming to eliminate traditional speakers or entertainment bureaux.

“The great thing about those bureau is that they really understand the events industry and they really understand briefs that are given to them by clients and they have amazing relationships.”

Mr Meitanis recognises this through his many years in the industry as the owner of the successful agency Apples & Pears Entertainment.

“I think their true value is curating the perfect speaker or celebrity for their client. In my experience [at Apples & Pears], more often than not a client will pick up the phone and say to me this is the event, this is the date, this is brief who do you recommend? I will then give them a list of people and by a process of elimination we will cull that down and then I’ll go off and try to secure those people.

“I think the Saxtons and the Claxtons and the ICMIs would do the same thing. The majority of their work would be this and now they have a way of centralising their enquiries [through the app].”

“Unless they have their own speakers who they represent exclusively then they can use the platform. I think they should be just as excited as anybody else in the events industry.”

A.C.T.A. plans to use the Australian market as a springboard for international expansion which reportedly boasts a talent pool of more than 150,000 celebrities and is estimated to be valued at USD$9.28 billion.