A lot of people have a dream to start their own business. It’s a hard leap to make for anyone in a job, with so much to consider. Product, branding, marketing, sales channels, finance, staffing and lots of other areas need careful consideration, and nobody is an expert in all of them.

Ian Whitworth has launched a website to make it a bit easier. He has started a number of successful businesses: an award winning creative marketing agency and national audiovisual company Scene Change.

Whitworth’s distinctive writing style on the topic of presentations has been a popular part of micenet for many years, and he brings the same irreverent approach to the wider world of business.

His latest article – 7 Steps to Success and Why Motivators Suck has been garnering plenty of interest.

The website will cover every element of the startup experience, with the gritty reality of someone who has bet their house that the business will work.

“Owning your own business is a chance to design your own personal amusement park of freedom and exhilaration. And also a world of pain. Sometimes both of those before you’ve had your first coffee,” says Whitworth.

The website is called Kill All MBAs, with a book of that title coming out later. Whitworth has little time for applying MBA techniques to small-medium businesses.

“In MBA world it’s finance first, clients second, and staff a distant last, whatever they say publicly to reassure the troops,” said Whitworth.

“My business partners and I believe the opposite. Keep your staff happy and inspired, they’ll give you happy clients, and your bottom line will largely take care of itself, without a heap of tiresome analysis.”

The launch of the site has already seen Whitworth appear on national TV and radio discussing newsworthy business issues. Learn more at www.ianwhitworth.net