That’s what we wondered when we were contacted by INVNT MD, Laura Roberts, who was the “production partner” for TEDxSydney 2018. So she told us…

As the Production Partner for TEDxSydney 2018, INVNT was responsible for all event production requirements for the flagship TEDxSydney event held at the ICC on June 15.

“Our role was a `whatever it takes’ arrangement to support the execution of this mega-event. This included managing performer technical requirements, crew, bump in and out, show and production schedules, risk and compliance, coordination of all third parties (which were over 100), technical and staging, budget and venue management along with design, curation and execution of ‘The Hub’ including suppliers, partners, entertainment and activations.”

INVNT began pre-production in February and kicked into full production in April. With a core team of six working on the event, that number grew to 12 on-site, 60 crew and 200 volunteers.

“I’m a long time TEDx fan but this was INVNT’s first time working on the event and we loved every minute of it,” Ms Roberts said.

“This year’s TEDxSydney was the largest audience to date, with over 5000 people in attendance, 18 speakers and seven performances. What the virtual audience did not get to experience was ‘The Hub’ – a space specifically designed to incite conversation, inspiration and allow people to ‘find their tribe’.

“INVNT designed, curated and executed this space; following the theme ‘HumanKind’ we continued to explore the blurred lines between humans and technology. This year the live audience had over six virtual reality experiences to try, witnessed 3D printers in action, engaged with robots, discovered the future of food whilst sipping on insect tea and sampling bug hummus.

“Sustainability continued to be an important theme. We eliminated the need for disposable cups by using Globelet – who provided a reusable cup system whereby all cups were collected, washed and re-used on site.

“The words of Solli Raphael bought the house close to tears and if that was not inspiring enough, at The Hub the ‘Storytellers’ tribe became a hot spot for poetry slams, beats and stories. We had neon putt-putt golf, an adult playground, giant games, unleashing inner creativity by drawing all over the furniture, live stream stage, opportunities to meet the speakers and the list goes on! There was so much to see, do, learn and experience in The Hub.”

As Ms Roberts explains, TEDx is arguably the most influential platform in the world of storytelling today.

“The audience both ‘virtual’ and ‘live’, tune in to be inspired, challenged and seek a deeper understanding of the world. The majority of the speakers on the TED stage end up on the professional speaker circuit – so the events and marketing industries look at TEDx to discover talent.

“On the day, with the activations inside The Hub, the ‘live’ audience form tribes, connect and share experiences together. Countless people have told me how their TEDx experience has moved them to change major things in their personal and professional lives, and I believe its reasons like this that make TEDx events such a global phenomenon.”

And what’s next for INVNT?

“We are excited to deliver several events for Instagram next month and following that we are executing Xerocon, Australia’s largest event for cloud accounting leaders.”